We work to identify, elect, and support qualified, competent Charleston County School Board members in order to address issues faced by public schools across the district.

The School Board can change the future of education in Charleston County. 


School Board members are responsible for improving the outlook of our schools.

Meaningful change is not possible unless we start at the top, focused on those ultimately responsible for school outcomes. The Charleston County School Board manages $920 million, the largest public budget in our region, and most community members have no idea who serves. These leaders are elected to hire and hold the Superintendent accountable, and make decisions that directly impact the futures of our 50,000+ students.


Understanding How the School Board Works

Our School Board governs the entire Charleston County School District.

Responsibilities of the School Board: 

  • Hire and manage a Superintendent, who serves as CEO of the School District

  • Approve $920 million annual budget, spending public taxpayer dollars on schools

  • Ensure federal, state, and district policies are followed


There are nine School Board members who each serve four-year terms. Board members receive a stipend of $25 per meeting for their volunteer service. Each member represents a section of our county, but they are elected by voters across Charleston County.

Voters get to vote for each seat open in School Board elections. These elections are held in November midterm and Presidential general election years. There are four School Board Member seats up for election in 2018.

Current Board

You can read more about the Charleston County School Board on their website

Holding the Board Accountable

We have to put the attention where it is most needed: delivering better schools for families by empowering educators to meet the needs of their communities. Too often, School Board meetings include dysfunctional debates about petty politics and issues that are not focused on student opportunity.  

Most people have no idea who is on the Board, and most parents and community members are simply too busy to monitor every meeting and news story. Charleston Coalition For Kids will build a platform that shares updates about the School Board, and provide clear ways to make your voice heard and hold the Board accountable.

Identifying & Electing Qualified Candidates

For such a critical election, far too many voters wonder:

“Where do I learn about School Board candidates?" 

"Who are the leaders I should support?”

We will identify, evaluate, and endorse candidates who understand the role of the School Board and share our own urgency to improve opportunities available to Charleston County students. 

your support matters - all four of the candidates we endorsed won election in 2018!

Supporting Elected Board Members

The root causes of problems that our students and schools face are complex. Experienced and newly-elected School Board Members alike will need support and guidance from our community in order to be successful.

Charleston Coalition For Kids will serve as one resource to elected School Board Members - providing policy ideas and proven strategies that can create more success for students.

Inspired to Take Action?